Staff Stars of the Month

January Staff Stars

Illustration Of A Gold Star.png

Meet Mrs. Morones!
Position: Kindergarten Associate
Birthday: October 20
Favorites: Lime green, roses, La Salsa, and Target
Wish List: Bright-colored Sharpies
Fun Facts: Ms. Morones enjoys working out and dancing!


Meet Mrs. Stokes!
Position: 5th Grade Teacher
Birthday: January 3
Favorites: Cats, Maurices, iced tea, and pumpkin bread!
Wish List: Magnets, flair pens, and stickers
Fun Facts: Mrs. Stokes has been teaching for 20 years. and her fantasy football team is undefeated!


Meet Ms. Hernandez!
Position: LINC Associate
Birthday: July 22
Favorites: Pink, elephants, Cowboys, and cherry limeades
Wish List: Learning games, Kleenex, and Clorox wipes
Fun Facts: Ms. Hernandez loves to shop and spend time with family!


Meet Mrs. Jordan!
Position: COTA
Birthday: August 18
Favorites: Purple, puppies, Target, and anything chocolate
Wish List: Bean bag chair, velcro, and swing


Meet Mrs. Espinosa!
Position: 5th Grade Teacher
Birthday: October 25
Favorites: Blue, dogs, Applebees, and Cheetos
Wish List: Colored pencils, small tables, and organize boxes
Fun Facts: Mrs. Espinosa is a foster mom and loves to hunt and fish!






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